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“I jump on the site multiple times a day. I read, I search, I study. The motivation articles, like the one today, ‘Good vs. Great: How Bad Do You Want It?’ really keep me up and running”

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Best RE program I have ever seen or been apart of… Continues to connect me with other buyers and sellers in the local market. Posted a multifamily unit and had 2 funding offers and 3 buyers with in 1 week!!!

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“This site has done more for me than any other with all the great lead generating ideas and education. Most recently – the lesson on finding divorce/probate leads from county records. I read it, then the next day I went down to the Los Angeles, County courthouse and pulled some records and send some post cards. Within two days of sending the cards, I had motivated sellers calling! It was awesome!! And a lead source I would never have considered on had it not been for RealEstateMogul.com”

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“I just want to say a sincere thank you to you for the fantastic work you’re doing here on mogul. The interviews you do and the guests you choose to interview are amazing!. I have purchased thousands of dollars of courses but I can honestly say I’m learning more valuable relevant information here from you guys more quickly than all of the courses combined.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me, my career and my goals.”

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