Hi – we do everything in our power to run a good, clean business and help people succeed.

We’ve been in business for nearly a decade. Our mission is simple: help 1,000,000 people live lives of greater freedom. That’s what gives us juice and passion.

Unfortunately, there are people and companies who do bad things and make products that don’t work at all or don’t work as advertised. That behavior hurts everyone.

The bottom line is there is no such thing as magic. There is no magic unicorn that will appear on your doorstep and start pooping gold bars or giving you free money.

Just because people in this program have made lots of money doesn’t mean or imply the same will happen to you. In business, and in life, there are no guarantees.

Any one of the people who we happen to feature in this program have a BIG WHY – they want to make a difference and help themselves, their families, their employees and customers succeed. They want more and they apply themselves, they get outside of their comfort zones, acquire new skills, work like crazy, make mistakes, and fail, BUT THEY DON’T GIVE UP.

They implement. They don’t quit. They serve. They didn’t blame someone or something else for their mistakes or failures – instead, they do the HARD WORK that it takes to make a difference.
They use our tools, systems, psychology, mindset, training, community and events to succeed.

If you’re the type of person that isn’t willing to roll up your sleeves, learn, explore, grow and focus on helping other people succeed, our programs aren’t for you.

If you’re a blamer, whiner, malcontent, or just downright lazy, our programs aren’t for you.

But if the content is this program and our videos resonate with you – and you can see the possibility and potential that this can work for you, then WELCOME HOME. You’re in the presence of REAL PEOPLE who are helping REAL BUSINESSES succeed, thrive and survive.

It would be both mine and my team’s pleasure and honor to serve and support you so you can EARN MORE, LIVE MORE and GIVE MORE.

Rob Swanson, CEO
RealEstateMogul LLC


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The earnings, revenue and profit results that a customer will generally achieve in circumstances similar to those depicted in the endorsements and testimonials on this site depend on many factors and conditions, including but not limited to, work ethic, learning ability, use of the products and services, business experience, daily practices, business opportunities, business connections, market conditions, availability of financing, and local competition, to name a few. Because of impediments due to any one or more of the foregoing and other factors, it is generally expected that no earnings, revenues or profits will be achieved with the use of any products or services advertised on this site in circumstances similar to those referenced in any endorsement or testimonial.

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