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How to Pull an Absentee Owners List

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If you’re in the real estate business, then one thing you most definitely need is property leads – and ideally ones from sellers who are actually motivated.

And without question, one of the best, most effective ways to generate motivated seller leads is by wooing them through the mail. Whether you do it with postcards, yellow letters, white letters, purple letters or hieroglyphics scratched on a dinner napkin, sending mail to motivated sellers is time-tested and proven to work no matter what market you're in.

And one of the best types of people you can mail to is the absentee owner.

What the Heck is an ‘Absentee Owner’ anyway?

Essentially this: Owners who are absent from the property itself. In other words, they don’t live there. And the tell-tale sign is that the property tax bill is being mailed to a different address than the subject property.

Why absentee owners?

Because often, they’re the ones who might be tired, burned out landlords. Or maybe they inherited the St. Pete property…

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