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How to Use Gap Funding for Real Estate

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backAaaaaaannnnnnddddd…  We’re back, baby!


Did you miss us?

(Of course you did!)


Well, it’s a pleasure to be back in the saddle again today, especially since we’re joined once again by the “Money Man” himself, Jason Medley.

In today’s lesson, Jason will be addressing a juicy fundraising topic you might not know much about…

…but it’s a topic which should nonetheless become a standard element of your regular investing vocabulary: Gap Funding.

Granted, many of us many have heard about gap funding (once upon a time?), but what the heck is it really?

And how do we get it?

Gap funding is the amount of money needed to fund an ongoing operation or future development of a project that is not currently provided by cash, equity or debt.  That’s why we turned to Jason – one of our premier funding advisors – because it’s…

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