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Inner Game

You Need to Ask Yourself This 1 Question

questionDid you know that one common trait among people who are super successful is that they ask themselves really great questions? And did you know that, usually, they also have people in their lives asking them great questions too.

Why does this matter?

Because great questions lead to great answers. And when you add in taking action to those great answers…  well, that leads to great results. Super-successful results, one might say.

So today, I want to ask you just 1 very important foundational question.

Here’s why this question is so powerful:

  • It makes everything else come together.
  • It’s the #1 question that everything else you ask yourself should stem from.
  • If you can’t clearly answer this question, there’s simply no foundation for any of the other questions you could ask yourself. And rather than be stable, you’ll end up feeling unsteady—the answers to the great questions you ask yourself can unfortunately then change daily. No stability.

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