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Inner Game

You Need to Ask Yourself This 1 Question

questionDid you know that one common trait among people who are super successful is that they ask themselves really great questions? And did you know that, usually, they also have people in their lives asking them great questions too.

Why does this matter?

Because great questions lead to great answers. And when you add in taking action to those great answers…  well, that leads to great results. Super-successful results, one might say.

So today, I want to ask you just 1 very important foundational question.

Here’s why this question is so powerful:

  • It makes everything else come together.
  • It’s the #1 question that everything else you ask yourself should stem from.
  • If you can’t clearly answer this question, there’s simply no foundation for any of the other questions you could ask yourself. And rather than be stable, you’ll end up feeling unsteady—the answers to the great questions you ask yourself can unfortunately then change daily. No stability.

The foundational question is…

Will it bring me closer to my vision or further away?

Think about this... 

When you’re faced with a big decision… you need to stop and contemplate whether your decision fits your vision.

If it doesn’t—that’s your answer.

Simple as that.

You need to remember that every single decision you make will either take you closer to or further away from your vision.

That’s a big concept to wrap your head around. But you must know how important that is.

See, sometimes those decisions are easy… like when you are fortunate enough to get to decide between two awesome things, both of which will drive you closer to your vision.

Let me tell you from experience what a great feeling that is. That usually happens the more you make good decisions on a regular basis—decisions that inch you closer toward the vision you have for your life.

Let me back up a step…

I’ve got to lay some hard truth on you…

visionYou can’t possibly consider that big question without first having a clear vision for your life—in business, personal life, everything.

Just thinking about your vision won’t cut it.

You can’t just keep it in your head… or your ideas for your vision will change from day to day as your circumstances, life, business, [insert anything here] change… and new influences—both good and not so good—come into your life.

Remember, some of those new influences—disguised as “opportunities” (a.k.a. distractions)—can pull you far away from what you really want for your life.

Sure, you might know that you want something different than what you have now. You know you want better… but you can’t quite articulate exactly what it is…

And even if you can manage to make it work today—you probably won’t be able to maintain it.

So please… don’t fool yourself—put your vision in writing!

Back to the big question…

Will it bring me closer to my vision or further away?

Think of this question as a filter for every decision or “opportunity” that comes your way…

And know that you can’t honestly answer this question without first having a written vision.

Your vision and this question are the foundation for every aspect of your life. Without them, you’ll be unfocused, perhaps unmotivated and sadly just go through the motions without clear direction.

So do yourself a favor and put the foundation you need in place. Need a little guidance? Find a mentor. Find a friend. Find a colleague.

Decide the life that you want to live with a written vision and make sure that everything you do from here on out brings you closer to it.

What’s your vision?

How did you create your written vision? What’s one decision you made that helped bring you closer to it? Share with us below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Enlist the help of a mentor or trusted friend to create your vision—they can help guide you and even make you consider aspects of your life you didn’t think about.

Write down your life’s vision.

Make sure that every decision you make is one that brings you closer to your vision.

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