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Investing Strategies

Creative Dealmaking: The Paper Broker

paperboyToday we’re going to start a revealing, multipart conversation on real estate notes, including some creative ways you can profit handsomely from them.

When we’re done, you’ll have learned no fewer than eight distinct, creative-yet-uncomplicated ways you can make a great income in the real estate notes arena.

The key to unleashing your real estate investing creativity on the world lies not in finding ways to eek out a living in today’s market. Anyone can figure out how to scrape by with a minimal amount of training. If you want some easy ways to boost your bottom line in today’s market, you should seriously consider adding a few of these crafty ideas to your bag of tricks.

This all came about when I recently cornered Jack Sternberg, the nation’s most “noteworthy” expert in the notes niche, for an extended sit-down session.

You Don’t Know Jack?

In case you don’t already know Jack, he’s the owner of the Noteworthy Newsletter (the…

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