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Investing Strategies

Creative Dealmaking: The Paper Wrapper

sternbergIn the first of our 8-part series with “noted” note expert Jack Sternberg – the man who brings us the Noteworthy Newsletter – we gave you the skinny on what’s up with the note industry, and why you should seriously think about jumping on the note bandwagon in your own business. In case you missed The Paper Broker, you can read it here.

Now, armed with more than 40 years of in-the-trenches note experience, Jack has been kind enough to sit down with us and share more from his broad repertoire of expertise.

In today’s lesson, we’ll dig-into the second segment of our 8-part series with note guru himself, who has generated millions of dollars in real wealth creating notes.

Today’s lesson is what we call “The Paper Wrapper”, and as a Mogulite, you’re getting it for free as part…

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