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REI Tech

Bond Black: Handwritten Letters Sent From Your Phone in Seconds

bondYellow letters are nice. And they work.

For mass mailings.

You plan the campaign, buy the list, create the letters in bulk, and, mail them out.

What about if you are out walking around and see a great house that has the look of fix and flip money all over it?

Sure you could scribble something on a piece of paper and tape it to the door. And some people may call.

Or maybe you want to make it look more personal. To show people you care about them.

How do you make it look like you care? Have a handwritten, personal letter delivered to the owners. That should make you stick out – especially if your competition is doing the standard ways of marketing.

Handwritten, personal letters almost always make people excited. Especially these days.

Why do we get excited? Why are we curious?

We live in a tech-filled era where we have 24/7 access to information and communication. It’s not much of an effort to send a message on Facebook, to text…

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