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What’s Next – Day Trading Real Estate?

It used to be that real estate investing was hard work. Back in the day, a budding real estate investor with a little savings had to:

  • Learn his area in terms of crime, schools, attractions, commute, etc.
  • Figure out home values to determine what constitutes a good deal
  • Market through various means to find the good deal
  • Negotiate with the seller
  • Set up financing through one (or several) financing options
  • Acquire the property
  • Rehab the property
  • Set up licenses if required
  • Find and negotiate with tenants
  • Manage the property
  • Perform or hire out the required repairs
  • Eventually sell the property

Although many of you Moguls do all of the above, one company claims to be a one-stop shop for ‘hands-free’ real estate investing.

It’s called ‘Homeunion.’

Homeunion has a network of real estate professionals around the country who will seek out investment…

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