"The era of mom and pop real estate investors is quickly coming to an end ... Buying foreclosed homes as investment properties has long been dominated by mom-and-pop investors. But now hedge funds, private-equity firms, pension funds and university endowments are dipping heavily into that market. The attraction is double-digit returns."

Preston Ely here, and if you found your way to this page it means that somebody you know thinks you'd benefit immensely from a webinar that I'm about to hold over the next few days on the topic of what I'm calling "The Death of Real Estate Investing As We Know It."

I'm going to be revealing to you the 3 cataclysmic shifts that will make 97 percent of real estate investors impotent over the next year. And, most importantly, what you should do about it.

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You see ... everything you thought you knew about real estate investing is changing. Right now at this very moment real estate is transitioning into a new phase in America.

It's a changing of the guard unlike anything you've ever seen. And in this presentation I'm going to show you how you can take advantage of this incredible wealth transfer so that you don't end up on the wrong side of things. This truly is history in the making, and like all lessons in history those who fail to understand the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

For those who recognize the changes that are happening, the next 12 months could become your own personal golden age!

For those who don't ... well ... things won't be so golden.

We started smelling something fishy about a year ago.

Here we are in a depressed real estate market after the biggest crash in history ...

Logic would say that in this type of climate every other house on the street should have a For Sale sign on it. Our phones should be ringing off the hook from realtors and desperate sellers.

But it wasn't happening. We were fighting tooth-and-nail with all the other local investors for almost every deal that hit the streets. And we were getting the same reports from investors all over the nation. It didn't make any sense.

And then the reports started slowly coming out ...

"Times Are Changing"

"Large Real Estate Investment Trusts and private equity funds generally focused on apartment buildings and commercial real estate, like malls and office buildings. That appears to be changing, and fast."

Then The Wall Street Journal again ...

"Firms Flock to Foreclosure Auctions"

"The business of buying foreclosed homes, renovating and renting them out is morphing from a largely mom-and-pop business into the next big thing on Wall Street. The arrival of private-equity firms and hedge funds is crippling smaller investors."

We found the culprit ... and the culprit was Wall Street.

Folks, small-scale real estate investing as we know it is dying. If this sounds like bad news, it's because it is. Finding, buying, and selling distressed houses for profit is getting harder and harder every day, and for those who fail to recognize and adapt to the changes taking place, they're going to soon be extinct.

Look at this recent quote from CNN ...

"Two Dozen Investment Funds ... Hoping to Own 10,000 Homes"

"... there are at least two dozen investment funds in the process of buying up single family homes, a number of which are hoping to own as much as 10,000 homes around the country. There could be as many as a dozen public REITs in the next few years that are devoted to single family homes."

An article in the Huffington Post said:

"$450,000,000 Fund to Buy Foreclosed Homes"

"Carrington Capital Management has teamed up with Los Angeles-based OakTree Capital. They have created a $450 million fund to buy foreclosed homes in bulk and rent them out."

This one from HousingWire on September 20th ...

"Investors Raise $8 BILLION for REO"

"Large Wall Street investors rushing into the foreclosure market have raised between $6 billion and $8 billion, with the intent to acquire between 40,000 and 80,000 foreclosed homes nationwide in the months ahead."

Institutional investors buying properties in bulk are crowding out smaller 'mom-and-pop' firms. Indeed, REO may be a fully institutional asset class within 18-24 months."

"It's a land grab unlike anything we've ever seen. You're going to drive through parts of town, and all of it will be institutionally owned."

"There's no upper limit. We can spend as much as we want," said Blackstone's Nick Pavonetti. "If we've determined we want that house, we're going to get it, no matter what it takes."

Ask yourself this ...

How are you going to compete with an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR fund?

What do you do when inventory dries up and the number of people out of work and entering the "I Buy Houses" niche (your competition) is growing to record numbers?

Friends, I submit to you now that the waters are rising fast on "the 99%" of real estate investors, quickly phasing out anyone who's not rich (or smart) enough to play the game. So you're left with two choices.

One ... You can drown.

Two ... You can learn to swim.

That's what this presentation is all about. First I'm going to give you a glimpse of the future of real estate and how it's going to change over the next 12 to 24 months.

  1. I'm going to show you why real estate, as an investment AND income vehicle, is dying. Plus the three cataclysmic shifts that will render 97% of so-called real estate investors impotent in the next 12 months.

    I'm serious. Most of the big names you know and look up to today will be out of business this time next year, and in this presentation I'll tell you why it's inevitable.
  2. Then I'll cover the 5 phases of the real estate cycle, where we're at right this second, and I'll predict exactly what will happen NEXT in your local area.

    Now you've probably never even seen or heard anything like this before. I'm going to talk about why real estate is not immune to industry cycles and how you can profit from the phase four to phase five shift occurring right now.
  3. Then I'll reveal the 4 ways I'm repositioning my real estate & internet businesses to take advantage of this "phase shift" and position myself on the winning end of the greatest wealth transfer of our lifetime ... and how you can follow my lead and do the same!

Now one thing is certain. You will not leave this webinar the same person or with the same view of "making money in real estate" that you have right now, and that's good because things are changing. So go ahead and register right now. Just click the button below ...

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