Exclusive Limited-Time Offer!

Exclusive Limited-Time Offer!

"Join 1,936 ELITE Real Estate Investors
In The World's #1 Private Dealmaking Group ... FOR JUST $1"


Preston Ely
Founder & CEO

From: Preston Ely, Founder and CEO of RealEstateMogul.com
Date: Friday, May 24th, 2019

If you accept this one-time offer, it'll cost you exactly $1.

That's right ...

One. Big. Cash. Dollar.

That's the "bad news".

Now For The Good News ...

In exchange for this miniscule investment, I'm going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a real estate investor (or frankly anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom) ...

An ALL-ACCESS PASS into the most elite learning, networking, and dealmaking community on earth ... a $1.5 billion dollar treasure trove of proven money-making blueprints, priceless next-level connections, and dirt-cheap real estate deals.

Today I'm going to let you have it all ... for just $1.

I'll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have a question for you ...

Are You Just "Winging It?"


"Hoping and praying" to start making some REAL money in real estate?

... Or do you have a clear-cut plan for achieving every ounce of the wealth and freedom you want in your life?

If you are "winging it," don't feel bad ... you're not alone. Before I finally plugged into a mastermind community like this, that's what I did too.

And in fact - after surveying my 600,000+ newsletter subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends - I found that MOST of you are just winging it ... struggling painfully to put all the pieces together and close your first (or next) real estate deal.

For some, the biggest hurdle appears to be finding motivated sellers. For others, it's finding buyers. For others, it's getting money for your deals.

For still others, it's working less so that you can spend more time with your family.

For a few, it's going from "a deal here & there" to 5 ... 10 ... 20 deals a month.

For the majority, your biggest problem is that you're just not sure where to start!

You're thinking "man, I really just need someone who knows what they're doing to just TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Don't teach me. Just show me exactly what I need to do, step-by-step."

I heard you loud & clear.

So I Did Something No Real Estate Investor Had Ever Done Before ...

I reached out to my entire network of real estate investing experts--- and I know A LOT of really smart people (real estate millionaires, visionaries, best-selling authors, ambitious innovators, moguls) -- all-in-all, a rolodex with over 300 years and $1.5 billion combined real estate investing experience ...

... and I asked them to join me in creating a new kind of real estate investing community.

To unite, not just in teaching and collaborating, but in shaping the future of the real estate industry.

I received unanimous support, we formed the community, and we call it ...

Our mission is simple: To unite active real estate investors - who are excited about real estate and serious about their pursuit of financial freedom -- and give you 24/7 access to the cutting-edge information, the key people, and the specific deals you need right now and work together, alongside us, to be successful.

Our $1,500,000,000 Secret

Look, I'm no Bill Gates ... or Warren Buffet ... or Richard Branson ...

... neither are my partners and co-educators ...

... but we've all done pretty well in real estate.


I don't like to brag about how much money I make, and you'll never see a picture of me -- or any of the other partners I've hand-selected -- standing in front of a Lamborghini like the TV gurus love to do.

But again, we've done well in real estate.

And we've done it in every "niche" imaginable ...

  • Wholesaling for Quick Cash
  • Rehabbing & Flipping for Monster Paydays
  • Foreclosures & REOs
  • Commercial & Multi-Family Investing
  • Lease Options
  • Mobile Home Investing
  • Notes
  • Owner Financing
  • Probate Investing
  • Rentals
  • Short Sales
  • Subject-To
  • Tax Liens & Deeds

... you name it, we've done it. And we created the Real Estate Mogul ELITE community to share exactly HOW we've done it ... so you can do it too.

WHAT have we created exactly?

Let me give you a sneak peek inside our private online members area. It's complete with ...

A Step-by-Step Online "Real Estate Investing School" ...

Along with me, each of my colleagues have made a firm commitment to provide their very best insights, advice, & tips to you in our private online learning center.

Inside are over 200 simple, connect-the-dots lessons on how to make money in real estate.

These trainings are waiting for you RIGHT NOW inside the site.

They're organized by "need" ... like Deal-Getting, Funding, Wholesaling, REOs, Commercial, Outsourcing, even "Inner Game" mindset lessons to help keep you motivated & inspired.

So you can always come in and find what you're looking for to solve your biggest need. Here's just a few of the 200+ lessons available to you right now:

  • The REO Sneak Attack Trick: Use this tactic to get banks calling YOU with their pocket listings
  • The $1,000,000 "Master Loan": How to get an unlimited loan commitment while simultaneously extending both middle fingers to the conventional banking system
  • Magnetic Text Message Marketing: How to let your cell phone find motivated sellers for you (hands-free!)
  • The "Pendings Hijacking" Trick: How to rig the MLS to revert all deals that fall out of contract to YOU (this strategy alone is worth the price of admission!)
  • The Realtor "Mindshare" Tactic: Deploy this strategy to hypnotize every agent in your area to think of YOU and only YOU when a good deal comes their way
  • The "Sticky Deals" Strategy: How to plaster entire zip codes with unique marketing pieces that get read 100% of the time ... without doing it yourself
  • The 3-Step Cash Buyer Coax: How to use "hedge fund bait" to suck the best cash buyers out of your local market and plant them nicely on your buyers list
  • "The Perfect Real Estate Deal:" The simple, massively profitable strategy hardly anyone knows about that allows you to wholesale a house for a fat payday AND keep it for a nice monthly cash flow!

You'll get instant access to each of these real estate investing lessons, plus over 200 others when you join us in Real Estate Mogul ELITE today ... *for just $1.*

Yep, just $1.

... Plus Dozens of "Swipe & Deploy" Tools!

Each lesson in the Real Estate Mogul ELITE learning center comes complete with printable resources that you can mark through, implement yourself ... or better yet, hand to a virtual assistant to do for you.

Anything my partners or I create and use in our own businesses becomes yours. This includes our:

  • marketing pieces
  • checklists
  • spreadsheets
  • offer formulas
  • negotiation scripts
  • tools
  • internal training videos
  • ... and any other innovative stuff we come up with along the way!

It's all yours.

It's like you've hacked into our servers and stole all of our documents or broke into our office at night, photocopied everything ... only this way you get it legally. And you get all the training you need with it, too!

But that's not all ... when you join today (for just $1), you'll also get instant access to our ...

A Private 24/7 Networking and Q&A Forum

Now -- even with the elite $1.5 billion team that we have -- we recognize that we still don't have ALL the answers!

Truth is, the best advice can often come from the thousands of Real Estate Mogul members in our community ... investors in the trenches every day in virtually every local market in the U.S. and beyond. Heck, chances are there are a few members right now in your own back yard!

That's why we've built our online networking platform ... to plug you into this collective "brain trust" immediately.

As you know, networking is critical to your success ... and our private, members-only forum allows you to network with hundreds success-minded people who are already making money in real estate, who understand exactly what you're trying to accomplish, and who are willing to help.

Have a question on ANYTHING real estate? Ask the community and get an instant answer, on-demand ... even late at night.

You'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the private networking forum as soon as you claim your membership below for just $1.

As if that's not enough, we've also built ...

The Ultimate Dealmaking Platform

I was itching to mention this to you up above, but I wanted to save the best for last ...

When you claim your $1 Real Estate Mogul ELITE membership today, you'll get instant access to our private dealmaking platform ... which has the power to virtually eliminate all the money you're spending right now on marketing for buyers & sellers.

Have a wholesale or other deal to sell? Post it for instant exposure to thousands of investor buyers, rehabbers, landlords, and cash buyers.

Need a tenant or tenant-buyer for a property? Find one in your area immediately.

Looking for wholesale deals in your area to option or buy? There are hundreds waiting for you.

Want access to the very best bank-owned foreclosure deals? We have them for you, updated DAILY.

Need a lender or a partner fast? Post your deal and watch what happens.

I'm telling you ... you have never seen anything like this before ANYWHERE. It doesn't exist.

With access to 1,000s of active wholesalers, landlords, buyers, investors ...

And over 1,700,000 wholesale, REO, FSBO and other properties waiting for you right this second ...

There's never been a faster, easier way to find buyers, sellers, partners, deals .. whatever you need .. 24/7.

When you join Real Estate Mogul ELITE today, you'll have instant access to everything ... for just $1.

Yep, just $1.

The Response Has Been Through the Roof!

When I released the initial charter enrollment offer to the public a short time ago, the response was ... umm ... overwhelming, to say the least.

And understandably so ...

For the first time ever - without shelling out $1,000 or more for a dusty home study course - ANYONE could have access to the bulletproof spreadsheets, blueprints offer formulas, negotiation strategies, checklists, reports, cheat sheets, and advice of 53 genius real estate investors ...

... plus the ability to instantly collaborate with and ask questions to 1,000's of other success-minded real estate investors just like you ...

... PLUS (and it's a big PLUS) the privilege of using our exclusive dealmaking platform for on-demand access to buyers, sellers, partners, and lenders on-demand.

In just a few short weeks 1,936 investors from all walks of life - newbies & pros from every nook & cranny in America - took advantage of the charter offer and joined us in our mission ...

... all for the incredibly reasonable price of just $97 per month. A drop in the bucket, considering the $10,000+ worth of Real Estate Mogul ELITE membership benefits.

Here's what just a few of our charter members have had to say ...


"Funded in 24 Hrs!"

"... Btw, ONE DAY after I posted my deal for funding, I have a commitment to fund my deal from someone who got the email.

Great job with this site and clearly its going to continue to help improve & build my business... Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

-Darren Dicke
3-D Property Solutions, LLC
icons/point.png Columbus, OH


"Amazingly Awesome Material!"

I am soaking up all of your lessons and interviews like a sponge. amazingly awesome material. thanks for your insight and advice.

-Lev Mills
icons/point.png Atlanta, GA


"Paid For Itself In One Week!"

"Hello Everyone, we secured a nice "Little" deal on 986sq' 2/2 townhome which we placed on the site requesting fundingÑimmediately after joining the Mogul on, I think it was the 3rd day it was offered."

-John Luyster
TWP Property and Investments LLC
icons/point.png Phoenix, AZ


"More Valuable Than All Other Courses COMBINED."

"I just want to say a sincere thank you to you for the fantastic work you're doing here on mogul. The interviews you do and the guests you choose to interview are amazing!. I have purchased thousands of dollars of courses but I can honestly say I'm learning more valuable relevant information here from you guys more quickly than all of the courses combined.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you're doing for me, my career and my goals."

-Patrick Tarmey
Celtic Construction Corporation
icons/point.png Lynnwood, WA



"This site has inspired me that it can be done today even in this rapidly changing environment... This site has given me a new found hope!"

-Jason Evans
icons/point.png Hagerstown, MD


"Motivated Sellers Calling! All Due To Real Estate Mogul ELITE.."

"This site has done more for me than any other with all the great lead generating ideas and education so it's kind of difficult to pinpoint just one thing. The Best most recent thing was the lesson on finding divorce/probate leads from county records. I read the lesson, then the next day I went down to the Los Angeles, County courthouse and pulled some records and send some post cards. Within two days of sending the cards, I had motivated sellers calling! It was awesome!! And a lead source I would never have considered on had it not been for Real Estate Mogul ELITE. "

-John Sinclair
Sinclair Homes, LLC
icons/point.png Los Angeles, CA


"Keeps Me UP & RUNNING"

"I jump on the site multiple times a day. I read, I search, I study. The motivation articles really keep me up and running."

-Ted Brown
Advent Property Investors
icons/point.png Miami Gardens, FL


"No Other Site Is Offering This Kind Of Insight"

"Real Estate Mogul ELITE has opened up a new way for us to learn and practice real estate investing.. The resources we have access to is amazing and no other site is offering this kind of insight."

-Frantz & Jerry Normil
Normil Properties
icons/point.png Philadelphia, Pa


"2 Funding Offers & 3 Buyers Within 1 WEEK"

"Best RE program I have ever seen or been apart of... Has, and continues, to connect me with other buyers and sellers in the local market. Posted a multifamily unit and had 2 funding offers and 3 buyers with in 1 week!!!"

MJM Properties, LLC
icons/point.png Houston, TX


"Funding Within 48 Hours .. Personal Relationships .. You Cannot Beat That!"

"It has helped me with funding after posting my wants, and within 48 hours. I have also developed personal relationships from knowledgeable investors near me. I simply asked for help and an opinion on the site, and they literally called me and shared an hour of their wisdom with me. Free knowledge and free training. You cannot beat that!"

-Lance Schaefer
PNM Holdings
icons/point.png De Moines, IA


"Totally Worth The Money!!"

"You are doing such and awesome job with this site and it is much appreciated! Totally worth the money spent!! LOVED the call and the contents was definitely a ''plethora'' of information about HUD! :)"

-Dawn P
Revitalized Home Properties
icons/point.png Lancaster, PA

The feedback speaks for itself, really.

It's been truly amazing to see our ELITE community generate real momentum, have such massive success ... and I can't wait to see YOUR success story very soon!

Are you done sitting on the sidelines?? Join Darren, Lev, John L, Patrick, Jason, John S, Ted, Frantz & Jerry, MJ, Lance, & Dawn and the rest of the community and be the next success story.

Join us today for just $1.

I know I've shown you MORE than enough, and very few people are still reading this page because they've already claimed their $1 membership (you'd be crazy not to!) ...

... but I actually want to tell you about one more priceless benefit that comes complete with your Real Estate Mogul ELITE membership today ...

LIVE MEETINGS Via Webcast Every 2 Weeks With Me and Hand-Selected Experts in the Areas of Real Estate, Success, and Motivation

Twice a month, you'll hop on a live training & mentoring call with myself or one of our expert faculty. These calls are all online ... you can jump on, and we'll cover what's new, what's working, and - quite honestly, what's NOT working - in our real estate businesses that week.

You'll know exactly what we're doing that week to make money in real estate, and all you need to do is follow the blueprint we lay out for you. We open our books. As we win, YOU win.

We'll also be looking at real-life success stories of new investors like YOU, who have built 6- and 7-figure businesses ... their way.

We'll be talking with them LIVE, looking at their business structure, their typical day, their beliefs and values, websites, and marketing strategies. We'll pick them apart, so you can see what really WORKS!

Then you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about ANY challenges you're having and we'll tell you exactly what to do about it on the spot.

How cool is that??

You'll never hear anything being sold on one of these calls. They're purely "what's working now" teaching, along with an opportunity for you to get questions answered in real-time.

My objective with these live calls?

To show you firsthand how to WORK LESS, while making MORE MONEY, having MORE FUN, and building MORE PERSONAL FREEDOM into your life.

I'll help you stay motivated and keep thinking BIG, because we'll be meeting twice a month!

Sound good?


You Get It ALL - For A Full 30 Days - For Just $1

That's right ...

Your investment today is just $1 ...

I May Be Crazy ... But I'm Not Stupid

It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I'm not getting rich giving away my best stuff for just $1.

My sincere hope is you'll love what you see and choose to stay. If you do, GREAT!

If not, that's ok, too.

Just click the "Cancel" link inside the members area to cancel before the 30 days are up, and you'll never be charged.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: We actually don't attempt to bill your card for 35 days, just in case it's a weekend or you're traveling or you just forget. Oh yeah, and we also send you a reminder before your rebill takes place, so you don't have to worry about missing it.)

But if you do love it (and I think you will), you'll automatically be renewed at our charter member rate of just $97 a month.

A paltry sum ...

... especially when compared to what you'll make when you implement just ONE of the strategies from our $1.5 BILLION Brain Trust ...

... or what you'll save by getting a direct, specific answer to that one big question that's been plaguing you ...

... or use our dealmaking platform to find your next deal, partner, or pool of funding.

In fact, I'll make you a deal ...

If you aren't able to make enough during your first month to cover your investment in Real Estate Mogul ELITE for at least the next 30 days, I'll insist that you bow out and look for help somewhere else. Again, that's how confident I am in what you're about to have.

So click the Add to Cart button below, and let's get started ...

See you on the inside,

Preston Ely
Founder and CEO, RealEstateMogul.com

P.S. This goes without saying, but this $1 offer is once in a lifetime. Or once in a year, at least :-)

So join right now while it's fresh on your mind (and while this page is still online).