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From: Preston Ely
Date: Today, Monday April 22nd, 2019
Re: Your Financial Freedom

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Listen, do yourself a favor and go to the bookstore. Find the "real estate investing" section. You'll find anywhere from 500 to 1,000 books there. They all have on thing in common ...

They all suck.

How do I know? I freakin read em all!

I spent 3 YEARS going to the bookstore reading through those books. I was too broke to buy them, so I'd literally just read them all at the bookstore. I wish I had done something better with my time ... like floss my cat's teeth.

Ooohhh my Lord ... you want to talk about useless information. If there was a Useless Information Award Show, all 500 to 1,000 of these books would be neck-and-neck for trophies.

I could get specific, but I don't want to bore you. Here's why those books suck ...

They are long, boring, complicated, confusing, and impracticable. They're packed full of useless fluff just for the sake of making the book look big so they can charge you $20.

And the WORST part? I'd get to the end of every single one of them and say the same thing ... "Okay, but what do I DO? Like ... right now. Right this second. What do I DO FIRST?" Apparently the authors didn't think you actually being successful was very important.

And the $1000-$2000 home study courses?? HO ... LEE ... $#*!

You have a better chance of reading all the volumes of the 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica and then passing a "1973 Encyclopedia Britannica Test" (a really hard one) than making a dime in real estate from those things.

Again, how do I know? This is how ...

That's just ONE of my closets. Let's do the math here ... $1000-$2000 per course ... I dunno ... $50,000 I've spent on these useless closet fillers?

Listen, I know it's hard to tell what is and isn't B.S. on the internet these days, but if you can't tell I'm the real deal by now ... man I dunno. We may need to take your B.S.'O-Meter in for a little tune up.

My book on the other hand -- the one you're about to be reading in 3-5 short business days -- is short, to the point, fun to read (just like right now), simple, easy to understand and AWESOME.

... But Don't Just Take My Word For It

Outstanding! , September 24 By Coyote Verified Purchase

Anyone who wants to be not only independent of a regular job, but independently wealthy, has to get this Book.

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Hit all highlights of why and how to start your RE business. Very good motivation…I even clipped several quotes to share with my family.

Great Book!!! , March 18 By Bryan Carter Entrepreneur (Brazoria, TX) Verified Purchase

WOW!!! What a great book. A to of detail in such a short read.

K.I.S.S. , March 21 By Mimaramim

If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty, take action, straight to the point; inspirational intructions, this is the book!

Great step-by-step guide! , February 2 By Michele "Michele" (Virginia USA) Verified Purchase
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Once you start reading this book you will feel NEW ENERGY PUMPING through your veins.

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